Lisa Christine Alexander, RMT

Neuromuscular Therapies,
Fascial Mobilization,
Pain Syndromes and Recovery, 
Strategies Rehab Exercise

Type Of Massage

-$105.00 45 min treatment includes assessment and treatment of two primary areas.
-$125.00 60 Minute Treatment. Includes assessment and 60 min treatment time.
-$150.00 75 mins hands on with additional time to discuss treatment and home care.
75 min – $150.00 Suggested treatment length for First Visit, Assessment and Claims, WCB, ICBC
40 min – $84.00 40 min tx-10 mins assesment or remex.
90 min – $175.00 90 Min hands on treatment time with addition time to talk about treatment plan and home care ideas.
120 min – $200.00